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Posted on : Oct 24, 2011 is where you find what you need in THE HORN OF AFRICA. is for all of you is sell are buying. link between seller and buyer will expand your bussines IS THE MARKET AND THE PEOPLE

Posted on : Oct 24, 2011 is a classified advertisements website with sections cars, housing for sale, travel and tourism and services. is the fastest growing online market in Africa. In a short time we covered the needs of many people in the Horn of Africa

Posted on : Oct 31, 2011

Soo hel = Go and find.

Posted on : Oct 31, 2011

Anyone can become a member on and it is free to see what people want to sell or rent out

Posted on : Feb 20, 2013

Bushaaro bushaaro Ku soo dhowaada Waa suuqa geeska Afrika oo lagu kala iibsada wax walba.

Wanted :

  • I need a rental house in Hargeisa.

    I would like to rent house in Hargaysa. When: 15/03/12 - 30/06/12 Roms: 2-4 rooms Cost: 150-200 usd mounth. Thank you in advance. Samatar

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