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Somaliland Properties.

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Somaliland Properties.

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The Somaliland Dream Begins Here (Somaliland Properties© is a subsidiary of Somaliland Real Estate ©)


The Somaliland Dream Begins Here... Find, Sell or Rent your dream property in Somaliland online today!
Public Transit
Is a 5-10 minute walk from all the main bus garages in central Hargeisa, Somaliland.


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About Us


Somaliland Properties is real estate company located in Hargeisa, Somaliland in the business of selling, buying, developing, redeveloping, acquiring and managing property communities all across Somaliland.

Our goal is to become one of the premier real estate firms in Somaliland with our commitment to quality and services. Finding a home or apartment should not be stressful, therefore; let Somaliland Properties do all the stressing for you.

We will work with you to find the home or apartment of your dreams. Our objective is to become the primary source and gateway for members of the Somaliland Diaspora as well as the local population, government and existing business entities.

Advice Centre

Somaliland Properties looks forward to providing sound advice and tips on maximizing your asking price when selling or renting your property.

Please also refer to this section of our website in the future for excellent tips on finding bargains on properties

Our Vision

Our vision at Somaliland Properties is a future where all participants in the Somaliland real estate market have the tools to make the most informed choice when buying, selling or renting a property. By maintaining a database of properties for our clients; we look forward to providing a comprehensive service while at the same time competing economically with our current competition.

By consolidating all the tools and resources available to us at Somaliland Properties we look forward to providing a unique and relaxing experience for both our customers and clients by using technology as a tool to simplify the entire process. No longer will our customers and clients be left at the mercy of independent agents, rather, they will be able to rely on us as we continue to establish our name and reputation as ‘The Most Reliable Agents’ when conducting property transactions.

Our heavy use of technology, and our qualified staff are what makes our vision at Somaliland Properties a future where not only all are able to participate in the property market, but a future where we are able to develop and revitalize entire communities.

Our Mission

“To Become The Most Respected Name in Real-Estate Worldwide.”

“At Somaliland Properties we take our mission statement very seriously. It is this very lofty goal that we have set for ourselves that enables us to provide our clients and customers with such an exceptionally professional service. It is this same mission statement that makes us continue to strive to be at the forefront of the industry and glad that the main benefactors of our efforts are our valued customers.”- Management




Mohamed Guled

Hargaysa Somaliland.

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