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The story behind SOOHEL.COM



I and my friends were on vacation in East Africa in summer of 2010.

We stumbled on some difficulties during this vacation.

We wanted to rent a house during our stay, and made pre agreement with a locale house owner through local residences.

ARRIVAL DAY: After long flight, and having “jet legs” we arrived our final destination.

Then came the bad news, our house was rented out.  This was shocking news for us.

We had great challenge finding place to stay, there were simply no available hotels, motels, houses or apartments, because of the high season.

And to find a house/apartment you must pay locale agents without office that you can attend.

The locale agents then send out the “word on the street” (jungle telegraph).

This became very costly since every one involved must be paid for their efforts.

Luckily we found a brand new house which was just constructed, and we where the very first residences.

This was pure luck and costly luck, since we had to pay four different individuals.

This process was time consuming and tired some, and we did not feel like we were on vacation.

The problems did not stop there; it started all over again when we tried to rent a car.

During this time I realized that even the locals where having the same challenges.

On one of those days it hit me: imagine if we could skip all the individuals and meet the provider directly.

Summer of 2010 was the birth of www.SOOHEL.COM in my head.

The finished product was presented summer of 2011.

www.SOOHEL.COM empowers the consumers, agents and the providers.

www.SOOHEL.COM is free to join and free to use for everyone.

I hope it easies your search for customers, products and services.



Best regards

The Soohel team

Wanted :

  • I need a rental house in Hargeisa.

    I would like to rent house in Hargaysa. When: 15/03/12 - 30/06/12 Roms: 2-4 rooms Cost: 150-200 usd mounth. Thank you in advance. Samatar

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